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Voting System Facts


- The touch screen voting system is a safe, closed system with a number of independent security measures in place to protect and store data.

- Each touch screen voting machine operates independently. The machines are never connected to each other, to a computer network or to the Internet. There is no chance of a “network crash” or of “hackers” gaining access to the system.

- The touch screen machines are not accessible to wireless or wire-based computer systems, nor are they connected to phone or network lines.

- The external ports on the touch screen machines are not compatible with traditional computer “plug and play” or personal computer technology cords or devices.

- If a machine indicates tampering or unauthorized voting, a visible/audible signal will alert election officials.

- Individual touch screen machines cannot be opened unless they are cleared and tested to verify that no tampering has occurred and that a zero vote total is confirmed.

- An election official activates each machine for each voter by inserting an electronic PEB (Personal Electronic Ballot) and then votes can be cast.

- To read votes, the touch screen machine must be properly closed by a poll manager; once closed, the machine cannot be used for voting again until it is cleared and tested.

- Each touch screen voting machine has three independent, but redundant, memory paths that ensure no votes will be lost, altered or miscounted. - The touch screen system incorporates a paper audit trail

- a patented recount system that allows replication of the entire election process in the event of a contested election, including production of ballot images, if necessary. The ballots are stored and reproduced in a random arrangement so that the order cannot be linked to the order in which votes were cast, preserving the privacy of individual voters.

- On Election Day, the system will continuously accumulate the number of voters who have cast ballots, and that number can be cross-checked with the number of registered voters listed in the poll book to confirm the accuracy of the election results.

- Each touch screen machine is configured to not open earlier than 7:00 a.m. Each machine cannot be closed before 7:00 p.m. without a supervisor password and system warning messages to the poll manager.

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