Some 17-year-olds May Register to Vote in the 2006 Primary Election Beginning Friday, January 13th

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Some 17-year-olds May Register to Vote in the 2006 Primary Election Beginning Friday


Friday, January 13th is the first day that 17-year-olds who will turn 18-years-old on or before the date of the General Election may register to vote in the June 13th Primary Election.

Individuals who reach the age of 18 on or before November 7th, 2006 (General Election), and who are otherwise qualified to register to vote, may register with their county voter registration office beginning Friday, January 13th, 2006 and be eligible to vote in the June 13th Primary Election.

State law allows for this practice since the Primary Election is the nominating process for the General Election, making each, in effect, parts of the same election.

House District 64 Democratic Primary

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December 27, 2005 - Clarendon & Williamsburg


  Clarendon Williamsburg Totals
Candidate Name Votes Percent Votes Percent Votes Percent
Mitch Ellerby 817 17.1% 24 18.5% 841 17.2%
Cathy B. Harvin 3948 82.9% 106 81.5% 4054 82.8%
Sub Totals 4765 100% 130 100% 4895 100%


EAC Releases 2004 Election Day Survey Results

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) today released the 2004 Election Day Survey, the largest and most comprehensive survey on election administration ever conducted by a U.S. governmental organization. The survey is available at

"The 2004 Election Day Survey tells us a great deal about voting and elections practices throughout the country," said EAC Chair Gracia Hillman. "The survey provides critical statistics on voter registration and turnout, voting equipment and locations, and other information about the voting process. All of this will assist us in making certain that every vote is counted fairly and accurately.

"EAC thanks the thousands of election officials throughout the country who provided data for this survey. We sincerely appreciate their input and cooperation."

Key 2004 Election Facts (As reported by the states)


Fairgoers Pick Favorites Using State’s New Voting System

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(Columbia, SC) Visitors to the S.C. State Fair not only had a chance to try out the state’s new electronic touch screen voting system.  They also got to vote on some “important” issues, and the results provide a fun snapshot of some South Carolinian’s favorite things.
More than 3000 people voted on the machines during the fair, choosing everything from their favorite fair food to best vacation destinations, barbecue sauce and NASCAR driver.

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