October 2nd Voter Registration Deadline Approaches

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (September 24, 2010) - To help ensure voters are prepared for the upcoming General Election, the State Election Commission wants to remind everyone of the upcoming voter registration deadline and urge those already registered to update their information.

Those who wish to vote in the General Election on November 2nd must be registered by October 2nd.  Voters who have moved from one county to another must be registered to vote in their new county by the deadline.


  • Visit your county board of voter registration.
  • Download a voter registration form from scVOTES.org, complete the form, and either:
    • Mail the form to your county voter registration office (postmarked by October 2nd),
    • Fax the form to your county voter registration office (received by October 2nd), or
    • Scan the form and email the image as a file attachment to your county voter registration office (received by October 2nd).


House District 79 Special Democratic Primary

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The S.C. House of Representatives District 79 Special Primary was held to replace the Democratic Party's nominee for the November 2, 2010 General Election.  The Party's former nominee, Anton Gunn, withdrew on August 17, 2010.

September 21, 2010 - Kershaw & Richland Counties


Candidate Kershaw Richland Total Percent
Mia Butler WINNER  75  532  607  66.8%
Beverly Diane Frierson  22  52  74  8.0%
Todd Wood   200  29  229  25.2%

September is Voter Education Month

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Governor Sanford Recognizes September as Voter Education Month; State Election Commission Encourages South Carolina's 800,000 Eligible Voters to Register by October 2nd

COLUMBIA, S.C. (August 30, 2010) - The South Carolina State Election Commission this week is kicking off a month-long effort to encourage South Carolinians to prepare for the November 2nd General Election by registering to vote or, if already registered, updating their voter registration information by October 2nd.

"Voting is the quintessential American way for citizens to make their voices heard in our system of government," said Marci Andino, executive director of the State Election Commission. "Voter Education Month is a great way to remind voters to make sure they are properly registered, to help them prepare for Election Day, and to reinforce the fact that Every Vote Matters and Every Vote Counts in South Carolina.

2010 Constitutional Amendment Questions

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The following Constitutional Amendment Questions will appear on November 2, 2010 General Election ballots:


Amendment 1

Must Article I of the Constitution of this State, relating to the declaration of rights under the state's constitution, be amended by adding Section 25 so as to provide that hunting and fishing are valuable parts of the state's heritage, important for conservation, and a protected means of managing nonthreatened wildlife; to provide that the citizens of South Carolina shall have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued, subject to laws and regulations promoting sound wildlife conservation and management as prescribed by the General Assembly; and to specify that this section must not be construed to abrogate any private property rights, existing state laws or regulations, or the state's sovereignty over its natural resources?


A ‘Yes' vote will make it a constitutional right for citizens to hunt and fish and will permit the State to legally provide for proper wildlife management and the protection of private property rights.

Reports Indicate Light Turnout in Most Areas

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COLUMBIA, SC (June 22, 2010) - Reports from election officials throughout the state indicate that statewide turnout in today's Primary Runoffs has been light so far.  However, there are reports of moderate turnout in some counties and precincts where local races are driving voter interest. 

Voters have until 7:00 p.m. to vote.  Voters in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Primary Runoff FAQs

Statement Regarding June 22 Primary Runoffs

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Since introducing a uniform electronic voting system in South Carolina in 2004, the South Carolina State Election Commission has worked tirelessly to build and maintain voter confidence in the integrity of the South Carolina voting process. We have worked to ensure that voters know how to use the new electronic voting equipment and understand their voting rights; and have continued to encourage greater voter participation.

As we prepare for the June 22 Primary Runoffs, we want voters to know that we are confident in the integrity of our state's voting system and that security of South Carolina's voting process has always been - and will always be - a primary focus of the State Election Commission.  Our state has a proud history of safe, secure and accurate elections and South Carolinians can be assured and confident in the system's ability to perform in the Runoff as it has thousands of times before - accurately and reliably.

Time is Short to Vote Absentee in Runoffs

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COLUMBIA, SC (June 14, 2010) - The State Election Commission wants to remind voters of impending deadlines for voting absentee in the June 22nd Primary Runoffs.

Qualified voters may vote absentee in person or by mail:

In Person - Visit your county voter registration office, complete an application, and cast your ballot.  You may vote absentee in person up until 5:00 p.m., Monday, June 21st.

By Mail - Step 1:  Contact your county voter registration office to request an absentee ballot application.  You may make the request in person or by phone, mail, email, or fax.  

Step 2:  You will be sent an application.

Step 3: Return the completed application to your county voter registration office by 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 18th.  You may return the application in person or by mail, email, or fax. 

Step 4: You will be mailed an absentee ballot.

Early Reports Indicate Moderate Turnout

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COLUMBIA, SC (June 8, 2010) - Reports from election officials throughout the state indicate that so far turnout throughout the state has been low to moderate.  However, there are reports of moderate to heavy turnout in some counties and precincts.

Historically, primary turnout is lower than that of general elections ranging from 18% to 26% over the past 12 years.  Turnout in General Elections has ranged from 45% to 76% during that same period.

Polls close at 7:00 p.m.  Voters in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.  The State Election Commission will report election results and voter turnout tonight at www.scVOTES.org.  Look for the 2008 Primary Results link on the front page.

As South Carolinians continue voting throughout the day, the State Election Commission would like to remind voters of the following:


1.      Voters are required to show any one of three forms of identification in order to vote:  voter registration card, driver's license, or a DMV-issued ID card.

2010 Primary FAQs

Posted on: Fri, 06/04/2010 - 15:49 By: cwhitmire

COLUMBIA, SC (June 7, 2010) - South Carolina voters go to the polls on Tuesday, June 8th to vote in the Republican and Democratic Primaries.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding primaries. 

Q.   Where do I vote?

A.    At the polling place in your precinct.  Your precinct and polling place are listed on your voter registration card.  However, it's possible your polling place may have changed since the card was issued.  To be sure of the location of your polling place:

  • Visit www.SCVotes.org and use the "Check Your Voter Registration" tool found under "Voters" in the menu.  Your voter registration record includes your precinct and polling place.
  • Call your county voter registration office.

Q.  What hours will the polls be open?

A.  Polling places are open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Q.   What do I need to take with me to the polls to vote?

A.  You will be required to show any one of the following items to vote: 

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